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  • Ramen and Udon serves in different broths

Explanation on Ramen

  • Tonkotsu broth is the Holly Grail of noodle soup broths.
  • It’s thick, creamy and nearly white in color, from pork marrow bones that have been simmered to smithereens

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You often see ramen categorized into four classes: shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), miso (fermented bean paste),

and tonkotsu (pork), which doesn’t make particular sense, as the first three are flavorings, while the fourth is the broth base.

Explanation on Udon

  • Udon is often served hot as a noodle soup in its simplest form, as kake udon,

    in a mildly flavoured broth called kakejiru, which is made of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin.

    Image result for what is kitsune udonImage result for what is kake udonImage result for what is tempura udon
    Named after the Japanese word for ‘fox’, Kitsune udon is a delicious dish
    made with thick udon noodles served in a dashi based soup stock with a large piece of fried tofu 
  • Tempura udon is topped with shrimp tempura 

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